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October 22, 2011 10:00 Coupe de France 2011/2012

Firstly a big congratulations to everyone involved, we have brought the title back to Paris where it belongs!!

Obviously with 8 games being played in one day I am not going to do an in depth analysis of the days events as I didn’t see every game and it would just take far too long. I’ll keep it to a few comments for Paris A and Paris B. Paris B: As we expected it was always going to be a difficult day with such an inexperienced team. Despite this I had three or four players speak to me after the game to let me know they had a great time and really enjoyed their first taste of competition. Well done to all of the guys who played out the day even when you were down to one person left on the bench. Keep coming to training to improve your knowledge and skills and there will be more success in the future. It’s too difficult to give best players so I will just give a couple of honourable mentions: Amin I thought you played very well for someone who has only been to three training sessions. You seem to be learning quickly which is a great sign. JJ as well I thought you worked really hard all day. I think against Paris A and your second half against Marseille were particularly good  so well done. Dave O: Good work with the umpiring and playing. I’m sure you slept well Saturday night. Paris A: Really happy with the result guys. I think everyone expected us to win but I’m not sure that everyone thought we’d do it so convincingly. It was the first time a most of us have played together but I thought we went about it very professionally and everybody did exactly what was expected of them. If I had just one slight niggle it would probably be that we did get opened up a couple of times on the rebound when too many of our blokes got caught chasing the ball up forward. Considering we were winning 25min games by 10 goals though I am hardly going to spit the dummy about it. I think one of the best things to come out of these wins though is that now everyone has seen what can happen when Paris get their sh*t together on the day. It was a real team effort all day and I don’t think anybody played badly so again I will just give the honorable mentions: Nick and Nico: Both had a great day and I don’t think I saw you guys lose a contest. I think that we have really got something very good going down back as your size and strength Nick seems to be complimented by Nico’s pace and ability to harass. Both read the ball well all day and provided great rebound. Ju really well done again in the ruck. I sure that it isn’t easy to ruck all day but you did it brilliantly and gave us plenty of ball use at the stoppages. Luke: Top first game(s). I’m pretty pleased with the versatility you showed and would be happy having you playing in any part of the ground. Matty S: The freak show continues. Well done on your award for best forward as it was thoroughly deserved. I don’t think there is a defender in France who would be happy to play on you and nobody had any idea how to stop you on Saturday. To all of Paris A: Well done in the last game to everyone for doing a number on Strasbourg #8. I asked for a big effort to stop him and I don’t think he got a touch all game where he wasn’t shi*ting his pants because someone was about to nail him. Loved it! Andy.

Affiche Coupe de France le 22 octobre !

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